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The weather in the UK has been ideal for fleas for the past two years and there are now many of them around. If you notice an adult flea on your animal then there will almost certainly be another 19 eggs, larvae and pupae in your house. To see more about the flea life cycle click here.

As a veterinary surgeon I am regularly seeing animals suffering from the effects of uncontrolled fleas. A flea bite is more than just annoying. Some animals are incredibly allergic to flea saliva and become very itchy after being bitten by just one flea. This can lead to fur loss, skin damage and the introduction of bacterial infections to the skin increasing the itchiness and misery for the cat or dog. This then requires prompt vet treatment and potentially large bills. However, it is very preventable by using effective flea products to protect both your animal and the environment. recommends the combined use of:

  • A topical animal flea product - Frontline (Cats-Dogs)
  • An environmental spray - Staykill
  • Regular hot washes of animal bedding
  • Regular vacuuming

The vibration of vacuuming stimulates eggs, larvae and pupae to hatch out so clearing any infestations much quicker. The house spray ensures that any environmental stages of the flea life cycle are killed whilst the topical application of frontline ensures that your cat or dog are protected from fleas, ticks and biting lice.

How are your products so cheap? - Price Match Guarantee

By selling our products online and in large quantities we can achieve great savings and discounts compared to your local supplier. We pass these savings on to you so that you can benefit. We also offer a price match guarantee so if you see the same product available cheaper then we will match it and possibly beat it. Just fill in the details in the comments section of the order form.

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